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Sand & Gravel

H&K Group, Inc. (H&K) currently operates a key sand and gravel facility in Warren County, NJ. Proudly identified as Belvidere Sand & Gravel, this facility has been extracting and processing glacial sands and gravels since 2010. This operation recently partnered with Naceville Group to operate this location. Since this time, Belvidere Sand & Gravel has consistently proven itself to be one of the regions premier suppliers of processed sands and gravels for construction, concrete and asphalt production, filtration, landscape materials and more. 

Our knowledgeable in-house Production, Sales and Technical Services teams take great pride in assuring that our sand & gravel products are not only available, but also meet the desired specifications, performance standards and highest quality available.

Again, beyond processing and production, also lies H&K’s capacity to seamlessly deliver our high quality sands and gravels where and when they’re needed. Once an order is placed with our Materials Sales team, our legendary fleet of tri-axle haul trucks takes over. With precision dispatching systems and a state-of-the-art Logistics Center, our customers are assured on-time delivery at lowest delivered cost on every project. Whether our customers need a few yards of material or their project demands hundreds of tons of specialized material, we have the capability to get the job done.