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Reclamation Fill Pre-Acceptance FormReclamation Fill Pre-Acceptance Form Site Contracting Excavating Services Crushed Stone Sand Gravel Road Highway Paving

This Reclamation Fill Source Information Form must be completed prior to importation of any material from a new source. This form allows The H&K Group facility to collect information required to ensure compliance with site specific permit conditions, and provide better service and timing to customers and clients generating materials destined for placement and use as reclamation fill.

Please click the Truck Icon below to complete our handy online pre-acceptance Reclamation Fill Source Information Form.


Form Completion Web Browser NOTE:

Internet Explorer Users -- click on the Truck Icon, complete the form and Email, Save or Print the form.

Google Chrome Users -- click on the Truck Icon, complete the form, hit Print, then scan your printed document or Print as a PDF and then Email your completed form to ReclamationFill@hkgroup.com.

IOS product (iPhone, iPad, etc.) -- Click on the Truck Icon, once form is open, touch anywhere on form. Select “More” in upper left corner of navigation and then open in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Complete and email form to ReclamationFill@hkgroup.com.
Note: Both the CLEAR and PRINT buttons will be disabled in this IOS format.

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