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MSE Structures - Retaining Wall InstallationMSE Structures - Retaining Wall Installation Site Contracting Excavating Services Crushed Stone Sand Gravel Road Highway Paving

Maximize the value and usability of your space
How much undiscovered usable space do you have? There are numerous situations when slope stabilization should become your preferred option for development:

  • Tight property lines
  • Right of way restrictions which prohibit over-excavation
  • Unstable / variable soil conditions
  • Greater land use / development

We can help you turn site limitations into fully functional, highly-desirable solutions that maximize the value of your commercial development projects. We provide clients with the most cost-effective and efficient approach to MSE structures that are typically a part of the scope on today’s construction sites. We allow the developer to make the best use of the available real estate and achieve their development objectives:

  • Increase the size of a loading facility
  • Design a wall that allows access to utility lines even after project construction begins
  • Maximize site development without impacting wetlands and open space
  • Meet property line restrictions and development needs with direct anchor retaining wall systems

Our knowledge and technologies enhance your finished project
Virtually all businesses have been transformed by the technologies and equipment developments of the past decade, and The H&K Group companies are no exception. Our experience is in the selection and installation of the appropriate earth retaining technologies for the many varied site terrain conditions that are encountered. We utilize the latest engineering technology in the reinforced earth arena, including earth and rock anchor applications such as Manta Ray Hybrid Anchors, soil nails, grid arrays and grout injection systems. When site development requires a mechanically stabilized retaining wall system, soil nailing / earth anchoring may be the most cost effective design solution. Soil nails are ideally suited to providing support to failing slopes and embankments. Nails can be used to “pin” a wedge of failing slope to the intact soil beyond the existing or potential slip plane. The H&K Group – through Terra Structures is one of the only contractors in the country with experience performing “top-down” wall construction techniques that minimize soil disturbance during earth anchor installation and wall construction. We provide an anchorage system that is more aesthetically pleasing and more cost-effective than conventional cast-in-place concrete.

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