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Safety DepartmentSafety Department Site Contracting Excavating Services Crushed Stone Sand Gravel Road Highway Paving

Here at The H&K Group, we are fully aware of the dangers that are associated with the construction and construction materials industries.  We also realize that our employees are our most valuable asset, which is why safety is a primary focus at all of The H&K Group companies.  We are committed to making our construction job sites and our materials facilities a safe work environment, which is reflected historically by our impeccable safety record.

Our in-house safety department is fully versed in OSHA and MSHA regulations.  They are responsible for developing and implementing safety training programs for all of our employees.  This training ensures all of our employees will have the necessary safety equipment and knowledge to maintain a safe working environment.

Site Contracting Safety Support

Our safety department provides critical safety support to all of our site contracting divisions.  This support includes performing on-site safety inspections to identify any and all possible hazards or risk exposures on the construction site.  The overall job-site, equipment, and materials handling activities are all areas in which these frequent inspections entail.  Our safety department also holds mandatory monthly safety meetings to discuss new regulations and any areas of concern, which keeps our employees up-to-date on ever changing industry conditions, practices and regulations.  When you see one of our companies’ signs on a job-site you can rest assured knowing that site meets or exceeds OSHA regulations for safety.

Construction Materials Safety Support

The other area in which our safety team plays a critical support role is maintaining worker safety at our many surface mining operations and materials facilities.  Our highly trained safety personnel are skilled in both identification as well as application of current MSHA rules and regulations.  Application of these federal mining regulations protect our miners and facilities operators and it is the responsibility of our safety team to ensure that worker safety is a priority for every employee at our locations.  From on-site inspections, to continuously maintained and updated training, our safety team is focused on providing each and every employee on the mining or materials site is provided with an accident-free work environment.

Lastly, our in-house maintenance departments work closely with safety to ensure that all of our equipment and vehicles are well maintained and safe.

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