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Christopher Dock Christopher Dock Site Contracting Excavating Services Crushed Stone Sand Gravel Road Highway Paving

Reading Site Contractors
6/17/2013 - 7/22/2013
Project Type: State/Municipal/Federal
Additional Project Features:

  • Description of Work:
  • Processing of 6,035 sq. yds. of existing paving with milling machine
  • 470 lf. of pavement base drain
  • 18" storm sewer and inlets
  • New curb island 300 lf.
  • Finely graded and paved 6,035 sq. yds. with 2" 19MM and 1.5" 9.5 MM
  • Removal of 4.75" of stone from under existing turf athletic field (88,800 sq. ft.) utilizing milling machine.
  • Project Highlights:
  • The H&K Group has been working with Christopher Dock Mennonite High School for many years to evaluate and plan for the schools parking lot maintenance and construction. Our company has finished many projects for this client ranging from new construction to pothole repair. One of the last areas on the Lansdale, PA campus to be completed was the main entrance drive and the parking lot in front of the facilities Administration Office. Representatives from The H&K Group’s Reading Site Contractors (RSC) affiliate took on the project that included many “alligatored” or highly fatigue cracked areas. Working directly with the school, RSC designed pavement base drains and a new pavement cross section that would work both functionally and within the school’s budget. During the construction process, the school was also replacing a turf playfield in their stadium. During turf replacement, the school discovered that the top layer of stone had to be removed for drainage purposes under the field. Utilizing milling machines and equipment, RSC was able to extract the stone base from beneath the turf area and then reuse this same stone under the designated new paving areas – in turn generating significant cost savings for the school. This project also included new storm and pavement base drains, a curbed island and 6,100 square yards of new paving. The project also removed over 2,000 tons of stone from the existing turf athletic field and utilized it to improve the parking lot and entrance road.

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